Jumat, 25 Maret 2011

Nazotaki (The Riddle Solver Who can’t Solve Riddle) Ft. Midori Nashine

Horray! My first Video! \(^o^)/
I made it with SONY vegas (damn, it’s so hard ’cause it’s my First Time)
I want to Make a PV. so i will do it soon ;D
UST by KrytalCherryBlossom
Mp3 off Vocal by… (i’m forgetting again ==”)
Midori Nashine by Me
Midori’s VB can download here :
Mp3 download :

Introdunce STARloid :D

Starloid is a type or group in utaloid.
Starloid only has two members.
want your UTAU join starloid? contact via facebook / slap /

two members are:
- Ru Hikarine
- Midori nashine